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Tuesday, May 28, 2013




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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Challenge: Generator

I was doing Stats homework with my iTunes playing in the background when suddenly the song Generator ^ First Floor by Freelance Whales came on and I stopped everything I was doing, closed my eyes, and listened. Images, emotions, and scenarios flooded my mind--just the way they do when I'm coming up with a new idea for a story. Listen to it and see if it sparks anything for you!

This song conjured for me images of a Hunger Games-like society where foreign children lived in the basements of rich families to work their steam-powered furnaces. 

What types of images does it bring forward for you? Could you write a oneshot from those scenarios? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hardest Things About Leaving

Currently listening to: this 8tracks mix that I made, called I'm Leaving Home

In just two days, I'm moving 800 miles away to go to school. Name an emotion, I've experienced it.

I started out in denial. I wouldn't--I absolutely wouldn't go to school! Nobody could make me end this perfect limbo of peace between two periods of mind-numbing stress. 

Then, I grew terrified. I'm a writer. Can I pass all the science courses I need to in order to be accepted to medical school? What if I decide I can't? What if I decide too late? What if there's nothing really out there for me?

The anxiety subsided and I fell into a period of lethargy. I went about my days sluggishly, relishing the free time I had to lay out in the sun and walk by the water. 

After talking to friends at my school, poring over the website, and looking at pictures, I filled up with jittery excitement. What was I thinking, wanting to stay at home and be lazy forever? It's time to get out there!

The only word I can use to express my feelings now is "finality." There's something incredibly final about packing up everything I will use for a year and fitting it all into four suitcases, about realizing that although I will still call my house my home, I will only be back for weeks at a time. 

As a writer, the saddest thing was leaving my notebooks and transferring everything to my computer. For Meridian and Brave at Heart, especially (see the tabs), a good number of my thoughts and characters were scribbled into various notebooks that also held things like shopping lists and journal entries and phone scripts that my friends and I used to call boys to ask them to the school dance. 

I know it's time to travel on, and there's not much left for me here. But that doesn't stop the sweet nostalgia from sinking into my every pore. 


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