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SUMMARY:Nell is growing up in a dismal orphanage in Steampunk Victorian London. She doesn't know her age, her last name, or what happened to her family. She's quite alone, except for a friend or two. Finally she escapes, with only a small symbol she found scrawled in the margin of a book for a lead. Vagabonds, werewolves and air pirates become the best of friends as she's trying to find out anything she can about her family. With a highly dangerous escaped convict on the loose and trouble brewing in the city, Nell wants to get out so she can search in peace. But the airship she boards as a stowaway, the Meridian, only leads her to the heart of the conflict... where she just might get some answers she's looking for. Love, betrayal, and loyalty come into play and soon she must realize that good friends can be like family.
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(I do not own these pictures.)

NELL BURKE who is a gutsy orphan just trying to search for any information about her family. (These drawings do my imagination a little justice. She's wearing Victorian peasant clothes and has a few small braids that frame her face.)

FINN ORMSBY who is rash, impulsive, and even gutsier, and has just survived a nasty encounter with a werewolf.  

VIGGO who Nell meets while on the run. He seems to have nothing better to do than tag along on her quest, but might be harboring a secret of his own. (with dark skin and curlier hair. he also looks a bit younger.)

OTTO COGSKILL whose grandfather owns the Meridian airship, has way too much responsibility, and knows a little more than he should.
(for lack of a better picture.)

CONDOR who is a self-proclaimed badass, explorer, and rebellious fighter. (this, minus the glasses)                      


NIGEL BROWNING who is a promising young man that has been given leadership of the Meridian expedition. (Yes dreadlocks, no weird crab-thing in the hair. And he looks and dresses exactly like this.)

FAUSTINA ABBOT who will answer to nothing less than her surname alone, and works as a handywoman, technician, and all-around gadget girl on the Meridian. (something like this, only with short black hair in low pigtails below her ears.)

AMELIA BURKE who is the most feared woman of the time. She'll stop at nothing for power.

DEDALUS BURKE who is the most dangerous escaped convict the city's seen in a century.

MORE CHARACTERS, ITEMS, AND SCENERY TO COME! I've also started collecting a series of character drawings from other artists (and myself.) They will  be posted soon!

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