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Secrets of Andover


Summary: Holly Peyton has always been cynical, impulsive and distrusting, not good traits for someone trying to make it in the world alone. When her parents leave on business and send her to boarding school, she vows to change. Holly had no idea what she was getting into when she was placed with the one roommate who never seemed to talk to anyone, but when something goes terribly wrong, Holly is thrust into a new world of love, hate, power, and danger--a new world that exists right inside our own. She'll have to test her newly formed trust and friendships, if she's ever going to make it through alive.

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HOLLY PEYTON the hot-headed, stubborn narrator who gets caught up in a new life of supernatural action, danger, betrayal, and friendship. (played here by Mandy Moore) 

LYLA BISHOP her roommate, with a dark past and some clouds hanging over her head, torn on the inside by things she is both embarrassed by and won't admit. (played here by Amber Heard)

JACKSON STONEWELL who always knows how to turn an ordinary day into something exciting--whether it's just a laugh or epically dangerous. (played here by Hunter Parrish) 

PARKER MURRAY who always has a snarky word and is determined to live up to his parents' legacy, not letting stupid things like love get in the way. (played here by Toby Hemingway)

SETH PRICE who might actually be seen cracking open a book or thoroughly planning an illegal excursion from school. (played here by Drew Fuller)

Lyla Bishop's carefully balanced world is turning upside down. With a new addition to the the Renegades, they are now quite a bit more vulnerable, as proved at the beginning of the year. With Halloween approaching, she has a few things on her mind: her roommate's newly developed powers, an ex-boyfriend and a childhood best friend, and the plotting witch-bloods that nearly split apart the Renegades a few weeks ago. After a deadly and destructive fight in which they suffer a terrible loss, what's left of the Renegades realizes one thing: on Halloween, the barrier between the living and the dead is not so much of a barrier. Thus begins the whirlwind journey to bring back the not-so-dead... if they can make it before time runs out. And if they don't, Lyla's not sure she wants to come back.

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