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All That Glitters


SUMMARY: Meet Violet Harper, an orphan living in the city with her three brothers. Without parents for income, the four Harper orphans are forced to take to pick pocketing. Meet Liam Anderson, the Governor's son, bored and amused by the myserious, clumsy, snappy girl at the ball. When the clock strikes twelve, all truth will be revealed. Not all that glitters is gold.

This story was written for the "Midnight Thieves" prompt on the site A Drop of Romeo, even though I took a bunch of liberties with it. 



VIOLET HARPER who has never had any second thoughts about living a life of  lies and theft; who has always been a little bit taken advantage of by her older brothers; who has never once thought about what her future holds. (played here by Holly Valance.) 

JAMIE HARPER who likes to play "dad" has been feeling guilty for quite some time about, well, everything. (played here by Eric Winter.)

TEDDY HARPER who can be moody and unpredictable, but really just wants to take the lead for once. (played here by Adam Brody.)

LUCKY HARPER who would do anything to be given a little more responsibility. (played here by Logan Lerman.)

ABBY who hates to see the Harpers argue and loves playing "fairy godmother." (Played here by Whitney Port.)

LIAM ANDERSON who is utterly bored, not as stupid as he looks, and is really just looking for some fun. (Played here by Alex Pettyfer.)

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