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Sunday, November 27, 2011

!What's up-- from Jerusalem

Hi everyone! Someone recently asked me a question on my formspring and it made me realize that you all deserve an update and an explanation for my extended absence. Normally if someone leaves the fiction/fanfic community for longer than a few weeks, you assume that they dropped the project, got too busy, and/or are probably not returning any time soon. Just wanted to let you all know that THIS IS NOT TRUE! I'll be back for sure in February. 

"Here's how I responded to the sad question "where are you
I'm glad someone noticed I was gone! But don't worry... I haven't gone too far! I'm studying abroad in Israel and this semester is my university semester. It took me a while to settle in and then we didn't have internet in our dorms so it was impossible for me to keep up with everything on here (my stories, blog, and email.) The semester ends at the end of December. In January I have ambulance training (I'm working on an ambulance the second half of the year!) and then I'm going to Czech Republic for two weeks and then I have a bit of army training. (I'm not going into the army but everyone here is drafted into the army at age 18 so this is a program for international students to experience what they go through--feel free to ask me more about it if you're interested!) And then after that my life finally settles down and I move to a tiny development town in the desert to do volunteering. Everyone who has done this program before says that we have a lot of free time during that part of the year so I know I'll resume work on my stories then. Keep in contact, though, because I'll be working on everything intermittently before then!

Feel free to comment, email me at laurel.firemeup@gmail.com or contact me in any other way if you have any questions about my projects, progress, or even my life abroad! I'll be happy to share! Also, sorry about the weird punctuation on here... blogger is all in Hebrew now and that's written left to right so the punctuation gets all messed up. 

שלום ולהתראות
Shalom v'lhitraot! (bye and see/talk to you soon!

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