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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Germany and Czech Republic

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I just got back from a wonderful trip to Prague and Berlin! Prague is a magical city. The streets remain stone and rocky, with old lampposts and original building facades. The shelter of the country during the Communist regime was very evident. Everyone sounds like they came straight out of Dracula and sometimes they look it, too. I definitely found a lot of inspiration for my Harry Potter prequel. My friends kept saying they felt like they were walking around Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. Some of the highlights included Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge, the Lennon Wall, the Choco-Story chocolate museum, Petrin Hill, the Communism Museum, and the Beer Museum (it was really a bar, where you can taste different flavored beers--including chocolate and raspberry! We tried over 20 flavors during the span of the week.) Traditional foods ranged from goulash, fried cheese, to hot wine, but we found ourselves eating Mexican a lot. Next, we traveled to Berlin for two days. It immediately got snowier and quiet a bit colder! We went to the Olympic Stadium and saw a few different monuments and museums about the Berlin Wall and World War II. I think the coolest thing I saw was the East Side Gallery, which is part of the wall that is covered in graffiti. Most of it is actually artwork, I think. Look it up, it's incredible. This part of the trip was really cool for me because my grandma and her whole family are from Germany, so I got to experience a lot of what she has always told me about. 

In other news, I've been a bit too busy with that stuff to really pay enough attention to my stories. I'm going to an army training week tomorrow, then I'm off for a two week vacation before I finally settle in my new home in the desert. Hopefully, once I get there, I'll have loads of free time to devote to my works!

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