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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apps Galore!

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It's been a while! I've had a really eventful week--jetskiing, tubing, and a Guster/Jack's Mannequin concert! And yesterday morning I had jaw surgery! Yesterday was sort of miserable and I really can't eat anything, which is horrible. I've been having this gross rice-in-water combination and Advil liqui-gels along with my mega-painkillers. Good thing my brothers are away, they'd make fun of me forever. But I woke up this morning feeling a lot better (after the 5 hours it took me to finally get to sleep) and I'm just really sore now. It feels like I have a migraine in my mouth. But I went out shopping with my mom this morning and hung out with some friends tonight (I couldn't talk), so I guess you can say I'm improving! 

I'm going to devote this post to my favorite iPhone/iPod apps!

1) Words With Friends. Of course. What's better than playing live Scrabble against your friends?

2) iMailG is a handy little app for Gmail users. Even though iPhones and iPods come with built-in email, this app has all the features of Gmail, including threaded messages, Google+, docs, calendar...

3) Evernote. It's the same as the website, and you can even sync your accounts. It's really handy for writing, school, just about anything! Evernote lets you record and organize your thoughts in any manner imaginable--lists, pictures, videos, voice memos, anything!

4) iHeartRadio. Listen to hundreds of radio stations from cities all across the country. 

5) Kindle, self-explanatory. I don't use normal kindle, but some free stuff is always good to read when you're waiting somewhere. 

6) Songify. It's just really fun. Speak into the microphone and your words will come out autotuned!

7) Flood-It! 2 is quite possibly the most ridiculously addicting game ever. The goal is to flood the screen all one color by starting with the block in the left-hand corner and changing the selected blocks to the color of a touching block. It makes a lot more sense on screen.

8) Helsing's Fire Lite is a new find and I already love it. "When the implacable Professor Helsing and his assistant Raffton travel to The Shadow Blight, they'll need every weapon at their disposal to defeat Dracula's vampire horde. In this captivating, dark Gothic puzzle-adventure, use Dr. Helsing's powerful torch and tonics to save the world from the demonic uprising!" It's a lot of fun and the graphics are great!

Updates: Still working on Meridian and my Harry Potter prequel! You guys will be the first to know when I post anything. Also, check my project tabs above, because I've changed stuff! Feel free to comment!


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