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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter and the Cursed Pencil of Doom

Currently listening to:
Toy Soldiers by Carbon Leaf

Let's just say that drawing is something I really really want to be good at, but don't think I will ever be. First of all, my attention span doesn't last that long. Second, I'm just... not that good at it.
(Sorry for those of you who don't like Harry Potter, these are my most recent doodles.)

The top part is funny. Harry looks
insane on the bottom. 
Floppy-haired, pointy-chinned Ron

Sirius looking quite a bit like a dog
At least he's got some facial structure.
I found some drawings of Malfoy and tried to copy
 to learn how to draw different positions. He looks quite odd here.

Giraffe-Fred and Viktor Krum
Notes on the proper positioning of ears

Ron looks a lot healthier here.

 Sorry about the excessive amount of Harry Potter doodles. Tomorrow I'll post some real stuff. I'm working on the first chapter of my novel, Meridian. If I'm finished that soon, I'll post a preview!


  1. HAHA cursed pencil of doom! :P

  2. Great to see another Carbon Leaf fan!

  3. I think I'm the only one I know who listens to them!


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