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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Save Me, San Francisco

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Save Me San Francisco by Train

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If I could wish upon a star, I would hitch a cable car...
As you may have guessed, this post might have something to do with San Francisco. I have a bunch of friends who live in that area so I go out to visit sometimes. Last time I was there I brought my good camera! I've got a Nikon D-70 which is a right pain to lug around. It's my first photography post, so let me know what I can do to improve!

Bryce Canyon, Utah. The. Coolest.
Place. Ever. 
Yosemite, Californ

Yosemite. How
cool is the sky?

The crazy streets of San Francisco.
The tree is crawling! 


  1. Oh, get out, these are amazing! All places I've been, and you really capture the feel of them SO well. I love the redwoods stretching up towards the sky, and the way the SF street seems to invite you to jump into the picture and head down it. That crawling tree, though, woah. The Ents are on the move!

  2. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, my two favorite pictures (Half-Dome with the awesome sky and the hilly streets of San Fran) wouldn't let me link because the files were so big.
    Yes, the crawling tree is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen! It has to be the Ents.


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