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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Gets Drunk on Butterbeer and Pulls and All-Nighter Writing Hundreds of Fanfictions

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I promise this is the last Harry Potter post for a while!

The big event of the weekend was, obviously, the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The experience itself was absolutely amazing--my friends and I dressed up, waited outside the theater for hours (we were second in line!) and acted like total dorks, quoting lines from the books and discussing various plots. At random times during the night I started spouting various tiny bits of trivia that is embarrassing that I even know (for instance, that Hermione's original name was Hermione Puckle, and the creature that sits in Lupin's office the first time he meets with Harry is a grindylow.) One of my friends is literally a carbon copy of Tom Felton and he, of course, was dressed up as Draco. I was Hermione because people tell me I do look a bit like Emma Watson (only I just got really tan on vacation so that took away from it), another friend did a very good Bellatrix, and we had a Luna and a Sirius. Hoards of obsessed fangirls wanted pictures with us because our costumes were so good! Here's what I wore: Click here for a link to the polyvore! It took a lot of preparation.

The movie itself needed a bit of work. I had some issues. Here are a few: (SPOILER ALERTS! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW, SKIP THIS UNTIL I SAY IT'S OKAY!)

  • One of my favorite things about the books is the scope of the story. As an author, I love the world Rowling has created. She also pays great attention to the various characters and their stories. In Deathly Hallows, there are so many stories in the book that were missing from the movie, and they all affected Harry in some way. Lupin and Tonks was a nice story, and the fact that they made Harry the godfather was touching. It was a sort of passing-the-torch of responsibility, and now as Harry is going to save the wizarding world, he is the new "protector" of the next generation. Dumbledore's story was alluded to, but not shown. And I wish they would have done more with Snape/Lily. It was such a huge part of the plot of the series. 
  • I think Harry's last fight with Voldemort should have been in front of everyone like it was in the book. In the book, it was a group effort. In the movie, it was just Harry, and frankly, it was less powerful. 
  • I also think they should have shown Voldemort's body dead on the ground. Without his Horcruxes, he was a human just like the rest of them, and was capable of dying. 
There are many more things I think should have been done differently, and I would love to discuss them with anyone! But I do understand that yes, this is a movie, and no, it's not the book, and you can't have everything. I'm just giving my two cents. 


I have also recently started writing Harry Potter fanfiction! You can see my profile here: Mischief1Managed and my first story is Love, Hogwarts. I battled with the pros and cons of writing fanfiction, but I decided that it might help me get over my huge obsession by taking the characters into my own hands. Plus, I'm having trouble with Meridian at the moment, and I hate to be at a point where I'm not writing. So if anyone wants to read it and give me feedback in the form of reviews, I really want to hear what you like and what you don't! I would really appreciate it and I'd love you forever.

I think next post will be some photography from Florence, but don't hold me to it!

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